No More Adwords When You Surf With CustomizeGoogle

Non-profit Mozilla reportedly earns tens of millions of dollars each year by setting Google as the default search engine in the Firefox browser toolbar. For Google, such partnerships are highly valued due to the adword clicks generated by sponsored links. Since Firefox popularity has soared from virtually nothing a few years ago to around 18 percent of browser market share today, it offers an opportunity to Google to increase its search revenue as the default search on Firefox.

Google may be the best search in terms of relevancy and speed, but some people are concerned about personal privacy. In this case you can follow the money to Mozilla. With the help of Mozilla’s default Firefox settings, Google builds a profile database about you. Since online privacy is an evolving area of the law, in the United States there are very few Internet specific boundaries about how your activity online can be discovered, saved, analyzed and exploited by Internet-based services. So for now, you have to watch out for yourself. 

CustomizeGoogle does a number of useful things to help. It makes your web-surfing and search activity useless to Google by anonymizing your cookies. People who are concerned about Google’s tenticles reaching into their privacy should be thrilled about this feature. 

Google remembers your search settings by placing a cookie on your computer. Some people don’t like Google profiling. They can forbid cookies or delete their cookies at the end of each session, but pay a penalty by losing all their preferences. With CustomizeGoogle, your personal Google preferences are enabled automatically each time you start Firefox, so there is no need to disable cookies or delete cookies at the end of each session.

CustomizeGoogle also makes your connections to other Google services like gMail more secure, by enabling HTTPS protocol. HTTPS prevents snooping by others when you use unsecured wireless connections to check and read your gMail. You might be asked by Google to change to more secure password if you enable HTTPS (secure hyper-text transfer protocol) as the default for services including Google Reader. 

CustomizeGoogle is easy to install, simple to configure and transparent to use. If you’re tired of fighting to keep your privacy from Google by automatically deleting cookies after each browser session, try CustomizeGoogle.