Smartphones Dance Around the Enterprise Crown

These are still the early days of the smartphone. The innovation in smartphone products and services is similar to the rise of the personal computer and the web browser. In the early PC business, uncertainty was everywhere. Buyers were concerned about software applications, usability and … [Read more...]

Free DSL Report

For a no-obligation, free PDF copy of the report How To Speed Up Your Broadband DSL please send an email with the words Free DSL Report on the subject line to … [Read more...]

Google Gears Could Revolutionize the Online User Experience

Just three years ago the Firefox browser reached 50 million downloads. At the time it had about four percent of the browser market, but there were no assurances about any browser roadmap from Mozilla. Even before Firefox, browsers had been relegated to the woodshed. Although many online businesses … [Read more...]

Network Simplification with MSBG is the Ultimate Sophistication

The transition of businesses to economical IP-based (Internet Protocol) telephony historically came with a prerequisite of substantial network engineering. Many on-premise IP-PBX (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange) devices were available, but before they could work effectively, a business … [Read more...]

Electronic Boarding Pass Gives Road Warriors Another Option

Known variously as e-pass, electronic boarding passes or mobile passes, these paper boarding pass equivalents are acceptable at certain airports and airlines throughout the U.S. Like regular advance check-in, travelers can get their electronic boarding pass online up to 24 hours in advance, choose a … [Read more...]

Max Levchin Makes A Case For Social Applications

A hands-on expert in social software, Max Levchin was interviewed to a full house at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last month. Following his appearance on the cover of Portfolio magazine, Levchin, the CEO of, talked about the emerging social application economy.  Starting with his own … [Read more...]

Silicon Valley Looks Like Jurassic Park To Carl Icahn

Fresh off his success in taking BEA down for Oracle, predatory investor Carl Icahn, in his letter to Yahoo today, charged that the company “botched” its negotiations with Microsoft. Icahn is more than a clumsy communicator. The most appropriate metaphor for Icahn might be T-Rex, with an … [Read more...]

Open Source Founders Reflect On Project Milestones

We met with Wireshark founder Gerald Combs at the annual Wireshark conference in Los Altos, California. His story starts while working at an ISP a few years ago and unfolds with his on-the-job need for an inexpensive protocol analyzer. Other than TCPdump, there were only proprietary network … [Read more...]

No More Adwords When You Surf With CustomizeGoogle

Non-profit Mozilla reportedly earns tens of millions of dollars each year by setting Google as the default search engine in the Firefox browser toolbar. For Google, such partnerships are highly valued due to the adword clicks generated by sponsored links. Since Firefox popularity has soared from … [Read more...]

Emerging Countries Outperform US Broadband Services

New chips are improving DSL modem performance and allowing faster speeds over longer distances. New home network devices perform better and are less expensive than the past. It might lead you to conclude that broadband is getting better in the U.S. But that's not the whole story. Lets start with … [Read more...]